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Mohamed (Arabic:محمد منير) (born October 10, 1954) is a Nubian-Egyptian singer who was born in Aswan, Egypt. His pop-oriented music has its roots in the various genres of traditional Egyptian and African music. His lyrics are often social and political, with which Mounir sees himself as a mouthpiece for the cultural and religious togetherness of the Orient and Occident. Mounir is considered the darling of Egyptian youth.

Mounir, has also gathered experiences in film: the film Destiny from Youssef Chahine, a prominent outsider in Egyptian cinema and at the same time its most internationally renowned representative, is a reckoning with the growing fundamentalism of his country. Mounir plays the singer Marwan from the 12th century, who escapes an attempted assassination by stirred up fanatics the first time, but succumbs the second time - a reference the Algerian Rai singer, but also Egyptian literary figures like Naguib Mahfouz or Farag Foda.

After the Sept 11 attacks, the singer was driven to learn more about Islam, which he feared was being seen in the West as the faith of terrorism and intolerance. So Mounir performed the hajj, the pilgrimage at the heart of Islam, for the first time last winter. He returned critical of both fellow Muslims, who he says don't bother to seek a true understanding of their faith, and of a West that he says misunderstands it.

Mounir released the album Earth . . . Peace, containing the song Give Me Strength, O Messenger of God, which he co-wrote with Kawthar Mustafa. In it, he sings, "The spilling of any blood is deemed sinful by God."

The album struck some as surprisingly religious for an artist seen as a champion of secularism. For others, it was not religious enough; the video for the song was banned by most Arab satellite channels.

The video ban reportedly was because Mounir sang "maddad", a vernacular term that roughly means "give me strength" but that can also be translated as a call on Islam's prophet to intercede with God on man's behalf. Most Muslims do believe in the intercession of the prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him constantly)for it is proven in the quran in numerous places but it is deemed as not possible by the Wahabbis (the major stronghold in Saudi Arabia).

The 48-year-old artist took the controversy in his stride.

"It is this fight against rigid thought that makes something out of you," he says.

That philosophy sums up one of his best-known characters. In Destiny, a 1997 film by Youssef Chahine, a leading Egyptian director, Mounir played Marawan, a singer in the 12th century Islamic state built by Arab and Berber dynasties in Spain. "Marwan and I are one and the same," Mounir says, describing the character as an "ambitious artist who does not believe that anything should be deemed sinful in art."

"Sing loudly, nothing should stop your singing," Mounir sang as Marwan in another Kawthar Mustafa hit.

Mounir, who sang on the soundtracks for nine Chahineproductions and acted in some, says he is proud to be Chahine's "voice in cinematography." Their collaboration in the movie An Egyptian Tale resulted in a popular song of the same title that ordinary Egyptians embraced as an anthem. The music was written by the late Ahmed Mounib, a Nubian folk musician who was Mounir's mentor. The lyrics, by Abdel Reheim Mansour, include:

Who is bowed down for the sake of your prosperity? Your poor peasants. Who is bowed down for the sake of your affluence? Your kind workers. Who is the one who sells conscience and buys instead destruction? Who is the one with the cause, the problem, the tale and the pen?

Mounir has also has appeared in seven films for other directors - almost all with patriotic themes - and has also appeared in TV series and plays. He began his career as a performer in the 1970s after arriving from the southern city of Aswan to study art at Cairo University.

From the beginning, he was something different. His music drew rhythms and folk melodies from the culture of Nubia, the region where Mediterranean and African Egypt meet, in contrast to much Egyptian pop music, which was dominated by traditional Egyptian sounds.

At first, Mounir's casual outfits and performance style drew scorn at a time when singers often wore suits and appeared with orchestras. He would sway, jump and dance in a way unfamiliar to Egyptian audiences. But they saw him as genuine, and he soon became a respected star, paving the way for other Nubian musicians.

Over the years, he became known for finding lyrics that reflected his politics and philosophy; his music has become synonymous for many Egyptians with liberal thought, hope and a desire for reform.

He sometimes works closely with lyricists and co-writes songs.

A pot of traditional Nubian incense burned during a recent interview in his Cairo apartment. The singer appeared relaxed in casual clothes - a creme baggy shirt, linen trousers and trademark bead necklace - but also displayed the reserve he is known for.

Mounir, who rarely gives interviews, would not discuss the fate of his home region, a sensitive issue in Egypt. Nubians were forced to leave the area when Egypt built the Aswan High Dam in 1971.

He would, however, speak on other issues.

A recent pro-Palestine wave saw almost every other Egyptian singer recording songs supporting the Palestinians; Mounir had been singing about them for years.

"I have a dream of a better human being, of better living standards," Mounir said, adding, "I hate corruption, I hate fear and I love dreams that are based on logic."

Alemony Eneeki (Your Eyes Taught Me)-1977
Bentweled (We're Born)-1978
Shababeek (Windows)-1981
Etkalemy (Talk)-1983
Bareea (Innocent)-1986
West El Dayra (In the Middle of the Circle)-1987
El Malik Howwa El Malik (The King is The King)-1988
Shokolatta (Chocolate)-1989
Eskendreya (Alexandria)-1990
Meshwar (A Long Journey)-1991
El Tool We Lon Wel Horreya (Length,colour and freedom)-1992
Efta Albak (Open Up Your Heart)-1994
Momken (Maybe)-1995
Men Awel Lamsa (From the First Touch)-1996
El Maseer (Destiny)-1997
Habeebty (My Love)-1998
Maadarsh (I Can't)-1998
El Farha (Happiness)-1999
Fe Eshq El Banat (On Loving Girls)-2000
Alby Massaken Shabeyya (My heart is public houses)-2001
El Ard..El Salam (Earth..Peace)-2002
Ahmar Shafayef (Lipstick)-2003
Embareh Kan Omri Eshrin (Yesterday I was 20)-2005
Ta3m el beyoot (Houses taste) (Coming Soon)

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Official Albums

01-Alemouny Einiky-1977 (Your Eyes Taught Me)

List Track's
01 Alemouny Einiky
02 Donia Rayha
03 Ya Sabia
04 Amana Ya Bahr
05 Qool Lel Ghareeb
06 Fe Einiky Ghorba
07 Ya Azab Nafsy
08 Ah Ya Blad Ya Ghareeba
09 Yamaah
10 El Rezq Ala Allah
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02-Bentweled-1978 (We're Born)

List Track's
01 Bentweled
02 Seely
03 So'al
04 Saheert Layali
05 Medy Eidik
06 Helly Dafayrik
07 Aroust El Neel
08 Eftah Zorar Amesy
09 Ghareeba
10 Akalm El Amar
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03-Shababeek-1981 (Windows)

List Track's
01 El Leila Ya Samra
02 Shababeek
03 Shagr El Lamoun
04 Kreshendo
05 Ashky Lmein
06 Ya Zamany
07 El Madeena
08 El Koun Kollo Bydoor
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04-Etkalemy-1983 (Talk)

List Track's
01 Oqd El Foll Wel Yasmeen
02 El Tareeq
03 El Haqeqa Wel Melad
04 Baatb Aleiky
05 Etkalemy
06 Om El Dafayer
07 El Awtar
08 Qamr El Raheel
09 Ya Leila Oudy Tany
10 Hela Hela
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05-Bareea-1986 (Innocent)

List Track's
01 Ya Marakby
02 El Geera Wel Eshra
03 Atshaan
04 Bareea
05 El Hayah Lel Hayah
06 El Qods
07 Ya Ghourbty
08 Shabak
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06-West El Dayra-1987 (In the Middle of the Circle)

List Track's
01 Sefsafa
02 El Nass Namet
03 Eshqek Nada
04 Ooh Baba
05 Hakamt El Aqdar
06 Hata..Hata
07 Athada Layaleek
08 West El Dayra
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07-El Malik Howwa El Malik -1988 (The King is The King)

List Track's
01 Ali Alewwa
02 Shorom Borom
03 Tanoosh
04 Yamah Mwaeel El Hawa
05 Tafoo El Nour
06 Atshaan Ya Sabaya
07 El Sebooa
08 Hady Ya Bady
09 Allah Ya Dayem
10 Mawal El Sabr
11 Tek Tek
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08-Shokolatta-1989 (Chocolate)

List Track's
01 Mesh Gareea
02 Shokolatta
03 Ya Tair
04 Mazameer
05 El Ammara
06 Shams El Magheeb
07 Koll El Hagat
08 Bara El Shababeek
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09-Ya Eskendreya-1990 (Alexandria)

List Track's
01 El Mariala El Kohlly
02 Ya Eskendreya
03 Alf La'
04 Etkalemo
05 Amar Seify
06 Kedooda
07 Ady
08 Balah Abreem
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10-Meshwar-1991 (A Long Journey)

List Track's
01 Eftah Oyounk-Ebn Marika
02 Etkalemy
03 Qool Lel Ghareeb
04 Ya Marakbi
05 Shagar El Lamoun
06 Alemouny Einiky
07 Yamaah
08 Saheert Layali
09 Ya Sabia

01 Oqd El Foll Wel Yasmeen
02 El Leila Ya Samra
03 Aroust El Neel
04 Fe Einiky Ghorba
06 Amana Ya Bahr
05 Bentweled
07 So'al
08 El Rezq Ala Allah
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11-El Tool We Loun Wel Horreya-1992 (Tall,colour and freedom)

List Track's
01 Ta'alalli
02 Sehr El Maghna
03 El Tool Wel Loun Wel Horreya
04 Sagheer El Sin
05 Nana
06 Asfour
07 Gedoo
08 Heaah
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12-Eftah Albak-1994 (Open Up Your Heart)

List Track's
01 Ya Haltara
02 Ganeni Toul El Beaad
03 Einiky Taht El Qamr
04 Law Batlna Nehlam Nemout
05 Eftah Albak
06 Alb El Watn Magrouh
07 Saah Ya Badaah
08 Yaba Yaba
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13-Momken-1995 (Maybe)

List Track's
01 El Leila Deia
02 Nazra Wahda
03 Hawadeet
04 Borg Hamam
05 Ya Bent Yalli
06 Shita
07 Momken
08 Agmal Hekayah
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14-Min Awel Lamsa-1996 (From the First Touch)

List Track's
01 Albak Ala Alby
02 Bel Haz We Bel Sodaf
03 Omr Eini
04 Ya Habibi Oudly Tany
05 Ya Ana
06 Albk El Shater
07 Alb El Hayah
08 Men Awel Lamsa
09 Abl Ma Tehlam
10 Layla
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15-El Maseer-1997 (Destiny)

List Track's
01 Alli Soutak
02 Alli Soutak - Acapella
03 Gamr El Hawa
04 Main Theme
05 Immolation of Gerard
06 Youssef
07 Sarah
08 Averroes
09 Zikr
10 Sheikh Riad
11 The Fire
12 Farewell To Yousef
13 The Calligraphers
14 Sad Song
15 Raise Your Voice (Music)
16 Sorrow
17 The Books
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16-Habeebty-1998 (My Love)

List Track's
01 Habeebty
02 El Fagr Shaqashaq
03 Beban El Alb
04 El Hob Zay El Tyour
05 Eyak Te'en
06 Lama Yeban El Tareeq
07 El Gamaheer
08 Taht El Matar
09 Ahy Amet Masr
10 Shababeek El Helm
11 Ya Shams - Min Horr Maly
12 Gondy Fe Genodek
13 Gerah El Gesm
14 Eghdaby Ya Donia
15 Heya Heya
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17-Maadarsh-1998 (I Can't)

List track's
01 Shedo El Setara
02 Ya Nouras Ya Abyad
03 Mein Yakhod Alby
04 Omr El Zaman
05 Ya Habiba
06 Fein El Sa'ada
07 Maqdarsh
08 Bandahak
09 Ayam Zaman
10 El Ward Kan Shook
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18-El Farha-1999 (Happiness)

List Track's
01 El Farha
02 Om El Khodood
03 Ya Lallali
04 Baqena Le Baad
05 Hader
06 El Forsa
07 Anqood El Enab
08 Fein El Haqeqa
09 Inty
10 Seia Seia
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19-Fee Eshq El Bannat-2000 (On Loving Girls)

List Track's
01 Talab El Samah
02 Fee Eshq El Bannat
03 Khayef
04 Ya Tair Ya Tayer
05 Washri
06 Dawar Alnass
07 Sidi
08 Hawen Ya Leil
09 Ana Baashaq El Bahr
10 Rabak Lama Yereed
11 Fee Eshq El Bannat-Mix
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20-Ana Albi Masaken Shaabia-2001 (My heart is houses)

List Track's
01 So Ya So
02 Bitb'deni
03 Hekayti Maa El Zaman
04 Ana Albi Masaken Shaabia
05 Lama El Naseem
06 Einiek Helween
07 Sheea Min Baeed
08 Okhrog Min El Beban
09 Fe Dayret El Rehla
10 El Nawasy
11 So Ya So
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21-El Ard El Sallam-2002 (Earth..Peace)

List Track's
- Absheroo Ya Shabab
- Ashraq Al Badr
- Allah Allah
- Salat Fe Sery We Gahry
- Salat Allah Ya Mawali
- Salat Ala Al Moustafa
- Saly Ya Waheb El Safa
- Madad Ya Rasoul Allah
- Madad Ya Rasoul Allah - Germany Record
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22-Ahmer Shafayef-2003 (Lipstik)

List Track's
01 Iqrar
02 Bannat
03 Ahmer Shafayef
04 Bahr El Hayah
05 Ah..Ya Asmarany
06 Shamndoura
07 Horreya
08 Lola El Sahr
09 Ibki
10 Hanena
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23-Emareh Kan Umri E'shreen-2005 (Yesterday I was 20)

List Track's
01 Amar El Hawa
02 Wailli
03 Eidiya Fe Geyobbi
04 Embareh Kan Umri E'shreen
05 Alb Fadi
06 BeninGerrih
07 Hikaaytto Hekaya
08 Sutik
09 Sayyad
10 Hader Ya Zahr
11 Sayyad (Remix)
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Unofficial Albums


List Track's
01 Asameena
02 Ya Marakby
03 Ghorba
04 Shagr El Lamoun
05 Ya Aroust El Neel
06 Bentweleed
07 El Koun Kollo Bydoor
08 Amana Ya Bahr
09 So'al
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List Track's
01 Hawadeet
02 Momken
03 Inty
04 Ya Ana
05 Albak El Shater
06 Ya Bint Yalli
07 Shita
08 Agmal Hekaya
09 El Leila Deia
10 Albak Ala Albi
11 El Forsa
12 El Farha
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Dunia Movie-2006

List Track's
01 Min Min-Mohamed Mounir
02 Lak, Lak, Lak-Amr Moustafa
03 Atouh Fil Shawareh-Mohamed Mounir
04 Bab El Salam-Natacha
05 Ndolo-Mohamed Mounir
06 Alashan Yishbihlik-Mohamed Mounir
07 Balach Tboussni Fi Aynayya-Mohamed Mounir & Hanan Turk
08 Waylaneh Ya Salam-Mohamed Mounir
09 Poignets D'Amour
10 Dunia Ya Dunia-Mohamed Mounir
11 Masharawi-Mohamed Mounir
12 Lecon De Poesie
13 Dunia's Danse 2
14 The Rose Danse 3
15 South Danse 4
16 Kiss Me Not (Version Ouverture)
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El Malik Howwa El Malik -2007 (The King is The King)

List Track's
01 Ali Alewwa
02 Shorom Borom
03 Tanoosh
04 Yamah Mwaeel El Hawa
05 Tafoo El Nour
06 Atshaan Ya Sabaya
07 El Sebooa
08 Hady Ya Bady
09 Allah Ya Dayem
10 Mawal El Sabr
11 Tek Tek
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El Asefa-1(Film El Asefa)
El Asefa-1(Film El Asefa)
El Toufan-1(Film El Youm El Sadeess)
El Toufan-2(Film El Youm El Sadeess)
El Toufan-3(Film El Youm El Sadeess)
Ahlef Be Samaha(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Ana Sahy Ya Masr(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Besm Allah(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Doula Mein(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
El Bahr Bydhak Leih(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
El Tisht Ally(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Ghany Ya Semsemia(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Inty Ebtadity(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Movie Music(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
Sallam(Film Hekayat El Ghareeb)
El Neel(Film Tout Ankh Amoun)
Leila Wahda(Film Tout Ankh Amoun)
Tout Hawy Tout-1(Film Youm Helw We Youm Morr)
Tout Hawy Tout-2(Film Youm Helw We Youm Morr)
Ahmer Shafayef(Laylati Program)
Hawen Ya Leil(Laylati Program)
Ya Leila Oudy Tany(Laylati Program)
Al Kavir-1(Mosalsal Al Kavir)
Al Kavir-2(Mosalsal Al Kavir)
Alby Ya Alby(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
El Koullia(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
El Shams Rag'aa(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
Endama Yakhtfy El Bahr(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
Habibi(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
Isiss(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
Rayeh Le Fein Ya Ali(Mosalsal Ali Aliwa)
Alaloun-Leka' El Negoum
Ya Einadia-Leka' El Negoum
Ahzan Aghany-Negoum El Qema
Fee Eshq El Bannat-Remix
El Leila Ya Samra-Remix
Leila Wahda-Remix
Bahlam Ya Sahby-With Hameed Al Sha'ri
Belad Teaba-With Anoushka
El Donia Resha Fi Hawa
Heila Heila-New Version
Leih Ya Donia-With Khaled Agag
Ya Eini Alwalad-New Version
Ya Eini Alwalad-Old Version
Aba Yassa
An El Awan
Ana Moush Magnoun
Do' El Toboul
Eftah Ya Hamam Kararees El Rasm
El Banouta
El Neel-Album Version
El Nouba
El Ragel Wel Hossan
El Ya'ss Wel Amal
Es'aly El Tareekh
Fi Hob Masr
Hadeess An Ahmed Mounib
Hadees An Hassan Khaleel
Hadeess Maa Mahmoud Bakry
Hader Ya Leil
Hadouta Masrya
Hadouta Masrya-Ahmed Mounib
Helm El Leil Wel Nehar
In Eza't El Shabab Wel Reyada
In Negoum F.M
Kan Mashy
Kan Ya Makan
Khalitny Fi Hera
Koubry We Bahr
Makrouna Bel Salsa
Mashy Maak Ya Zaman
Nahr Maleh
Om El Khair
Omnyat Marsoseen
Omy El Habeeba
Tar El Hamam
Ya Alam Esha
Ya Gamal
Ya Gareed El Nakhl El Aly
Ya Koll El Ensania
Ya Rayes El Bahr
Ya Shams Ya Shamousa
Ya Talaa El Shagra
Ya Yamam
Yabou El Sabayeb Ya Balah
Yabou El Sabayeb Ya Balah-Due
Yahia Al Moqawloun
Yathadss An Qesit Hayato
Youm El Raheel